Liza's Revenge

Reading the New York Times leaves me feeling like Dostoyevsky's Liza

Month: July, 2014

I interview an American Photographer in Kramatorsk about life under bombs: “The civilians are dying here and something needs to happen to stop it”

This stellar interview by Vera Graziadei (@verafilatova) needs no further commentary. Please read and distribute far and wide.



Goodmorning Sloviansk
goodmorning salt of the Earth!
Goodmorning Mesologgi
goodmorning martyred city
wellcome capital of Utopia!
Hello world brainless
people without mind
wolves wiped out the word “peace” from your language,
replaced with “markets”
and you agreed.

Goodmorning Sloviansk!
I did not even know where was that on the map
even though Katsonis had walked In your streets.
Unlucky Town
between lignite and pipelines built
and many other goodies wich only
leaders, thieves and presidents care for.
If you had endangered turtles, in order to see how many people care for
though a hammer and sickle on your banner, how many other
and so much more if,
even though you have the Christ as a stamp in your flag
who Christian cares for you?

Your children are buried in your ruins
who dreamed chocolates were falling from the sky
and woke up dead·
were cluster bombs
white phosphorus
the nazi…

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